Social TV Concepts
Throughout my years at Jamdeo, I’ve made some concepts on how to integrate social media into the TV experience. These are my two favourites:
Social Media Feed
The idea behind it was to match the best screen you have (your TV) with curated content from social media, bringing the best of these two worlds together.
This mix has some downsides as well. By its own nature, the TV is very passive, while people in social networks usually interact a lot. Typing even short texts in a TV is also terrible, but this is not an issue in mobile or web environments.
After analyzing the pros and cons, the direction was to strip out all the content that doesn’t work well and keep only the ones that work great. The criteria for deciding what to keep were:
a) Heavily graphical content (video/photo)
b) Short textual content
c) Simple interactive content
Content Selection
Based on those criteria, we selected the following six types of contents to use:
Proposal: The Social Feed
The final proposal shows the social feed integrated into the TV. Users could take a peek at their timelines, browse the content and perform simple actions (liking a photo or post).
From a visual perspective, the feed inherits the same structure, clean layout and colors as the other tabs from the TV, making it part of the family.
Social Volume
Most people like to talk about movies, series and sports with friends and family. The purpose of the social volume was to help with that, by displaying in real time which friends are watching a particular content.
How it works
The visualization is made of a pyramid made of profile picture blocks. Close friends get a bigger block, so they can be seen more easily and also cause a bigger increase in the pyramid size.
Split Mode
Content like sports would have a split mode. In this case, there are two or more pyramids that display which friends support each team.

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