Although most people realize that English derived a lot of influences from other languages, they really don’t know how deep it goes. Hint: it’s really deep ;)
HelloCaesar is an app that will explore this topic, focusing on connections between Latin and English. It may be classified as a linguistic or educational app, but the idea behind it is not to feel like one. Users (or readers) should have fun while learning about everyday words and themselves (yes, language is part of peoples' identities).
What to avoid?
Anything that looks like a dictionary entry (it's quick, dry and non-interactive). Obviously, they're very useful as information, but not something enjoyable.
The first and foremost question was: Is it possible to create an enjoyable experience from a list of dictionary entries? This and other questions helped in guiding the research, sketching and prototyping phases. In the end, the user testing feedback was good (we got laughs) and the project could start.
Sneak Peek
The app is under development and and should be released in Q3 2018 for the iOS platform. Below are some screenshots to give a brief (and very partial) preview of it.
My role
HelloCasear is a personal side project. I’m wearing my 'maker personality' and doing it from start to finish. It’s being an interesting ride for many reasons: the project itself (by being interesting), the aspect (by being positive to people), and the challenge (by making me use, learn and improve my skills).

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